Excited “Forever” PSA is a finalist for Best Pet Video Award

Susan Nation, president of Hop To It Productions and founder of the Talent Hounds project, has recently been announced as a finalist for the third year in a row in the prestigious BlogPaws Awards in the US.  BlogPaws is the first and original professional association and conference designed by and for pet bloggers and social media influencers (now owned by pet retail giants Chewy.com/PetSmart).

Blog Paws Best-Video-209x300Designed to honour the best of the best in the pet blogging and pet social media influencer world, 52 finalists in 13 categories have been selected by a panel of industry professionals. Talent Hounds was selected as a finalist for the Best Pet Video Category for the PSA and original love song for Rescue Dogs “Forever”.

There are estimated to be more than 98 million pet dogs in North America.  According to estimates by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), people in the US spent more than $70 million on Pet Care in 2017.  For more and more people, especially millennials, dogs are family and they have become increasingly humanized.

Rescues Rock Forever

Susie and Kilo smiling with his Bullwrinkle Bully Stick

Each year 6 million or more dogs go into rescue and many never come out so Susan started the #RescuesRock program 4 years ago showing that Rescues can make wonderful pets. This year’s video  “Forever” pays tribute to the love of a dog and raise money and awareness for rescue dogs, inspired by Susan’s Kilo the Pug. The heartwarming original song was written and produced by Jeff Butler, Graydon Butler, Stuart Black and Susan Nation. It was performed by Aiko (she wanted to volunteer to help dogs in need). Ad Revenue from YouTube on the song will be donated to different rescues starting with Kilo the Pug’s.

Kilo the Rescue Pug

See how Susan rescued Kilo the Pug in this blog post and video.

Susan won Video of the year last year with the Talent Hounds anti-discrimination video “Love like a Dog”.

She was also a finalist in 2016 with the pilot of the Millennial comedy “The Backseat Barkers”.

The 13 winners this year will be selected by judges based on creativity, expertise and performance in their respective categories. Winners will be revealed in an exclusive red-carpet ceremony at the ninth annual pet-friendly BlogPaws Conference (http://www.blogpaws.com) which will be taking place April 18 through April 20 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Sheraton Kansas City.  Winners will receive a trophy, recognition by peers, social coverage, press coverage and more. We will be attending.

About Talent Hounds

Talent Hounds is a documentary TV series, blog and YouTube Channel all about how dogs enrich our lives and how to improve theirs. The mission is to connect, entertain, educate and inspire the many millions of dog lovers around the world.


Thanks to the Bell Fund, the OMDC, sponsors like Eurocan (Bullwrinkles), Dog Lovers’ Days and Canadian Pet Expo, and all the beautiful talented dogs and dog lovers who have helped us make our videos.

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