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The Benefits of Working With Our Talented Team

We are innovative content creators with many years experience in TV, Digital, Mobile and Live Entertainment and Marketing.

  • We understand strategic planning, financing, creation, production, and distribution.
  • We have produced award-winning and award-nominated TV, websites, games and social media.
  • We understand branding, engagement, measurement, and ROI or ROE.

Let us help you entertain, inspire or inform your audience and build your business.


License our Existing Content

We have the following available:

Pop It! – 26 x 7 mins (SD) 26 X 5 mins (HD) popular kids’ dance series available outside Canada

Talent Hounds – 1 hour + 4 x half hours plus 500+ videos + 3000+ photos of beautiful dogs and puppies, and how they make our lives better

Suck It Up Princess – 1 hour documentary in English and Portuguese

Commission Content

Work with us to Produce Original Content Including Films, TV, YouTube Videos, Social Content, Branded Content, Events.

See our In Development Section Here and Check Out Our Websites like Talent Hounds, The Backseat Barkers and Kids Pet Club for Projects We Are Already Working On that might be a fit for your brand or Create Brand New Content based on Your Briefing.

CONTACT US to discuss your needs.

Sponsorship, Reviews, Ads, Social Media Boosts, Campaigns and Product Placement

Contact us to be involved in our existing and future projects. Collaborate to reach and engage more people.

Consulting and Work-for-Hire

Planning, Financing, Producing, Production (Filming, Writing, Graphics), Post-Production, Creative, Strategy, Social Media, Marketing, Publishing, Distribution, Promotion.

We have an experienced talented team, contacts, and reach to help you build your business. Whether you need help in one specific area like post-production or social media, or you need to produce or manage a whole campaign or series, Contact Us To Discuss.

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