BlogPaws Nominates Backseat Barkers for Best Pet Blog Video Award

Backseat Barkers up for Best Pet Blog Video Award

Hop to It  is very excited to announce that the pilot for our comedy series Backseat Barkers  has been selected as a finalist for a prestigious award in the US.

Backseat Barkers is up for the “BlogPaws Best Pet Blog Video Award” at the 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards. We are up against three other great pet videos in the finals. The winner will be announced at the BlogPaws Conference June 22-26, 2016 in Phoenix. Susan Nation can’t wait to walk the red carpet at the event on Saturday the 24th as a nominee.

The BlogPaws 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards

“BlogPaws is the pre-eminent pet blogger influencer group in the US and globally, shaping social media excellence, influence, and education one amazing pet parent at a time.”


The 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards acknowledge pet bloggers and microbloggers for their digital expertise, passion, and artistry.

We are very proud to have been recognized among so many fantastic, talented peers. See Fishstick’s celebrity interview above with Pet Guide.


Backseat Barkers

Backseat Barkers is a comedy video series in development under the Talent Hounds Pet umbrella. It follows a young millennial couple Sophie and Hugh and their two polar opposite pets, a greedy rescue Pug, and an athletic well-trained Border Collie (The Odd couple). The show follows this new blended family as the embark on a road trip across Ontario.

Inspired by modern relationships, rescues and traveling with dogs, Backseat Barkers is built around the comedic tension between the ensemble cast including the talking dogs (we hear their thoughts). Sophie and Hugh are madly in love and ready to compromise. The dogs, not so much.

The show also highlights different dog breed traits, promotes research before getting a pet, promotes Ontario attractions, adoption and tips when traveling with pets.

Filming at Woofstock Toronto 2016

Catch Backseat Barkers filming at major tourist attraction Woofstock 2016 held at Woodbine Park in Toronto on May 29th, 2016. Come see Fishstick at the Pug Races, or attend any of the fun events, suitable for all ages of humans and dogs.

Viral stars Doug The Pug and Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund and other celebrities will be in attendance as well.


Hop To It already has several sponsors including Bullwrinkles Dog Treats, Dog Lovers Days and the Royal York Hotel for Woofstock signed up. They are looking for one or two more and recommendations on the best Ontario tourist attractions to visit on their road trip.


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New Development Funding for Adorable Penny P Pug Pre-school Property.

New Penny P Pug Pre-school Property.


Susan Nation is pleased to announce that Hop To It was one of the companies funded for concept development in a highly competitive October 2015 OMDC IDM Fund Round. The funding will allow  early development and testing on the iPad App for the Penny P Pug Pre-school IP.

PennyP_colour sample

The Penny P Pug Project also received TV and Digital Development Funding from The Pet Network and the Bell New Media Fund.

Susan is delighted to be working with a dream team of writers, editors, educational experts, developers, artists and consultants on the project.

Penny Mud

Penny P Pug is a curious adorable little Pug Puppy with a short attention span (similar to many 4 year-olds). She loves life, treats, games and most of all, she loves her big brother Digger the Dachshund (like a 6-year-old). They have some wonderful adventures in their  garden, starting with an exciting Pirate Treasure Hunt.

Digger Penny sleeping

Penny P has “things to see and things to do, things to smell and things to chew”. Many of the stories are inspired by Susan’s own children and rescue Kilo the Pug who is a bit of a pirate.

Kilo hookpug




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Auditions For Kids’ Pet Club In May

Casting Call: Kids Ages 6-12 Who LOVE Pets

Hop To It are launching a new Content Hub, or CLUB, for animal-loving children and their families. Content will be displayed online, which will feature kid hosts and project ambassadors. Currently, Hop To It is casting for several kid hosts for this project.


Host Criteria

  • Must be from Ages 6-12

  • Looking for Boys and Girls

  • Hosts will be Ontario residents who live, AT MOST, two hours outside of Toronto. However, expansion to the rest of Ontario and beyond is planned for the near future.

  • Open to a variety of languages including French, Hindi, Russian, German, Portuguese and Spanish

  • Must LOVE and have a pet(s)

  • Hosts will be comfortable on camera, talking to new people and doing research on pets

Talent Hounds – Kids Pet Club

Pet ownership is one of the earliest forms of responsibility for children. Modern research indicates that having a pet benefits a child’s development, especially those with special needs, by building empathy, confidence and maturity. Animals also improve one’s mood and reduce stress by providing a positive and loving energy. Furthermore, having a pet allows families to get outside and be active regularly.

Kids Pet Club by Hop To It will promote age appropriate, educational, engaging and entertaining work (videos, photos, stories, tips, facts) and activities (challenges, games, events, quizzes). In particular, Talent Hounds will be presenting a video series on their website and youtube channel.

Overall, the Kids Pet Club goal is to create interesting, factual videos about pets and animals for kids by kids.

 Woofstock Toronto 2016 Auditions

Hop To It will hold auditions for 1-2 hours in the Children’s Activity Village at Woofstock being held at Woodbine Park in the east end of Toronto.

child with dog

Date: Saturday May 28th, 2016 (pending weather). We may also film a few auditions May 29th, if there is demand.

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Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Talent Hounds Pack

Happy Holidays from the Talent Hounds Pack

Wishing everyone peace, health, love and happiness.

2015 has been an amazing year for the team at Hop To It Productions. We have become wizards on social media, blogging and efficient video production. We dug deep into the international pet world. We completed our first Rom-Com Feature script and started on our first iPad app.,  kids’ picture book and animated series.

Talent Hounds - our dog empire continues to grow across multiple platforms. The three mascot rescues Rocky (Nina), Kilo the Pug (Susie) and Beau the Frenchie (Aria) are thriving. More TV, videos, events and blogs planned for 2016.

Rocky the rescue dog with his ball

Rocky the rescue dog with his ball

Check out the 12 Days of Christmas Video by Kilo the Pug

Pippy Love – Hello Hollywood - we completed our first phase of development on our romantic comedy movie Pippy Love with writer Jeff Butler. I may be biased, but I absolutely love it. Here’s hoping for production in 2016.



Penny P. Pug and Paco the Pug – we found an amazing illustrator, writer, animation partner, and app developers for our iPad app and children’s book. We hope to start development in January and pitch the TV series at Kidscreen Summit.

The Backseat Barkers – we are just about finished plans and a sizzle for our new blended family comedy series- too funny. We will also be launching a new Branded entertainment division in 2016.

IMG_8081 (1)


The Kids’ Pet Club – we are developing a new series for kids. Shooting the pilot in January. So exciting.

Tinderellas, Tinderfellas and Queen Bees – we are working on a new project about dating and mating in a mobile world (following on from our award-winning romance project, Cupid’s Cafe).

Ella and Luana - we are working on a co-pro tween cross-platform project with our great friend Silvia Prado (Zica)  in Brazil.

Several more major announcements for partners Nina and Paul (Beevision), and Susie coming in early 2016.

Hope to see you at NATPE or Kidscreen Summit.

All the best

Happy Holidays

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