Kids’ Pet Club

Kids' Pet Club sell sheet collage of kids and pets

Kids’ Pet Club is a new 26 x 11 minute live action pre-school series about a group of kids ages 6 to 11 that love and learn to care for and communicate with pets in an after-school program.

The kids also learn tolerance, empathy, confidence, self-esteem and teamwork as they solve daily challenges, overcome differences and create wonderful things together in spite of ongoing mischief by Kilo and Fishstick the Pugs who provide lots of comic relief.

Rescue Rocks sales sheet

One of the favorite activities is making Rescue Rocks who form a Greek Corus at the end of each episode in stop motion.

Announcing the launch of Kids' Pet Club

We have been testing content, information and activities on the website and YouTube Channel and empowering kids to share their love, knowledge and expertise as Ambassadors or Pet Pals. We have crafts, games, sing-alongs, nursery rhymes, read-alongs, training tips, how to care for pets tips and pet profiles.

Ms Charmin on table at Kids' Pet Club event helping kids with crafts

We also hold really fun live Kids’ Pet Club events where our Pet Pals and featured Pets like adorable Ms Charmin and my mischievous Kilo the Pug can meet, inspire and inform other kids and pets in person and they can do crafts, sing-alongs and videos together.

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