Nina Beveridge

Nina Beveridge
Producer / Director / Creative Director

Nina Beveridge is the CEO of Hop To It Productions and President / Co-owner of Beevision.

Nina has extensive creative expertise. She has worked  in various capacities on many media platforms including:  producer, project manager, director, creative  director, designer and writer.She is a highly motivated, organized, creative thinker and a team player, skilled at managing business affairs, timelines, projects and people.

Nina co produced & creative directed 2 seasons of Hop To It’s  dance-along kids series and web site “Pop It!”, on TVO and NICK Australia. In 2009 “Pop It!” was nominated for a Gemini award for Best Cross Platform Production, and was nominated for 2 ACT Awards including Best Cross Platform Production and Best Interstitial.

Nina directed Hop To It’s POV documentary called “Suck It Up Princess”  for OMNI TV. She co produced and co wrote the film with Hop To It partner Susan Nation. The film was labour of love for the Hop To It  team and explores the topic of living with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy through the eyes of Renee Rodrigues, a dynamic young woman Nina and Susan met at a charity in 2003.

Nina also co produced and creative directed Hop To It’s interactive web series pilot and web site called Part of the roll out of this web site includes ‘Lovemania’, the most recent application of Hop To It’s proprietary mashup software S-MasH™ powered by proprietary Flex sequencer S4Tek™ which Nina project managed.

She also co produced and creative directed “Hip Hop in the T-Dot” and “Big Grin’s House Party”. In January 2007, Nina and Susan’s multi-platform game “Create A Date” became the Winner of Round One in The Great Canadian Video Game Competition. After being re-fashioned as “Cupid’s Café”, in 2007 the project won them a scholarship to the Banff Interactive Project Lab, a pitch slot at the Vancouver Fusion Forum, an ipitch slot at the Banff TV Festival and a slot in the Ontario Showcase featuring innovative Ontario talent in the 2008 ICE Conference in Toronto.

Nina is passionate about the documentary form. In 2004-5 with Beevision and Executive Producer Peter Raymont, she produced, directed  and wrote “The Idealist – James Beveridge, Film Guru”, shot throughout India, the USA and Canada. In 2004 she was also a recipient of a Hot Docs Mentorship Award.  In 2003 she produced an award winning 12-minute High Definition documentary film, mixed in 10.1 surround sound, for Olympic Spirit Toronto entitled “The Calling”.

Some other Beevision highlights for Nina include providing the broadcast design, animation and on air promotions for the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club. In 2001, she project managed and designed, and Beevision partner Paul Hart edited, the large scale multimedia experiences for Harbourfront’s prestigious “Festival of Creative Genius”, an event that honoured thirteen of the world’s greatest living creative geniuses, including Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Bernard Bertolucci, Frank Gehry, Harold Pinter, Steven Sondheim, Quincy Jones etc.

In 1998 on behalf of Beevision, she received a special Gemini Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement for our work on the development of the Puppetworks digital motion-capture system.

Prior to forming Beevision, Nina was contracted in 1992 by CTV to be the Graphics Director for their coverage of the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. Her career began in 1981 with Rogers Cablesystems where she created a graphics department in support of their new pay TV system. She then became a Designer for CBC’s ‘Project IRIS’ teletext field trial; launched the on air look and graphics department for TSN in 1984; worked as an Animator and then Creative Director for Greenlight Animation and then the Image Group Canada/Soho Post. She was a founding director of Inter/Access in 1982 – a non profit digital artist’s organization.

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