New Development Funding for Adorable Penny P Pug Pre-school Property.

New Penny P Pug Pre-school Property.


Susan Nation is pleased to announce that Hop To It was one of the companies funded for concept development in a highly competitive October 2015 OMDC IDM Fund Round. The funding will allow  early development and testing on the iPad App for the Penny P Pug Pre-school IP.

PennyP_colour sample

The Penny P Pug Project also received TV and Digital Development Funding from The Pet Network and the Bell New Media Fund.

Susan is delighted to be working with a dream team of writers, editors, educational experts, developers, artists and consultants on the project.

Penny Mud

Penny P Pug is a curious adorable little Pug Puppy with a short attention span (similar to many 4 year-olds). She loves life, treats, games and most of all, she loves her big brother Digger the Dachshund (like a 6-year-old). They have some wonderful adventures in their  garden, starting with an exciting Pirate Treasure Hunt.

Digger Penny sleeping

Penny P has “things to see and things to do, things to smell and things to chew”. Many of the stories are inspired by Susan’s own children and rescue Kilo the Pug who is a bit of a pirate.

Kilo hookpug




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