New Broadcast Dates for Talent Hounds Film

If you live in Canada, Watch the Talent Hounds film on the new broadcast dates:

The Pet Network Monday, June 24: 10am / 4pm / 10pm
ichannel Wednesday June 26: 10am / 3pm / 9pm / 12 midnight (ichannel is widely available everywhere in Canada- check their website for details)

Cute Pug Cheerleader

For more details and dogs stories, go to

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Nina Beveridge at Hot Docs with The Ghosts In Our Machine

Look out for Hop To It Partner Nina Beveridge at Hot Docs 2013 with the amazing new film The Ghosts In Our Machine, which Nina produced with Liz Marshall. The film poses the question “Are animals property, to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings, deserving of rights?”.  Congrats Nina and Liz for being highlighted this year and for great work!

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Thanks from Susan Nation, Creator Talent Hounds


What a joy to see my “baby” finally premiere on TV and launch online after two years of hard labour. I just wanted to thank some of the key people who helped deliver my vision.

First, my patient and supportive family and close friends (especially my husband and those friends with dogs named Louie, Stanley, and Maya). And my wonderful talented partners Nina Beveridge and Paul Hart of Beevision and Hop To It Productions, who were there from the beginning when we first filmedLouie singing and who contributed throughout in graphic design, editing, music design, interactive project management, creative and production consulting and general support.

Of course the amazing team at The Pet NetworkStornoway Communications including Victoria, Don, David, Peter, Jennifer  and Fido & Wine. What a great group to work with!

Carrie Cutforth-Young, my super hero, who stepped up to the plate when things looked tough and juggled roles in art direction, writing, community building, production, business affairs, transmedia, blogging and more. Is there anything she can not do?

The gifted James Yates for his patience, calm and photographic memory. He learned the names and images of over 300 dogs in 30 days and was able to tell such beautiful stories through his editing. Plus manage our constant “updates” and challenges without complaint.

The amazing directors of photography Bongo Kolycius and John Minh Tran, who each captured magic moments in their unique styles. Plus additional captivating camera work from Cat Cappuccio, Nina, Paul, Kerry Biskupski, Aria Evans and Lance K. Fauteux. Kerry, Aria and Lance also contributed some great editing for the web including promos, events and auditions. In addition, Kerry very generously sponsored some equipment.


I’d like to also thank camera assistants Matthew di Girolamo, David Patrick and Kane Holding – we also got some incredible stills of service dogs and athletes in action from Kane.

Which leads me to the other invaluable photographers led by the awesome Trish Aleve from Pawsome Pet Photography (a valued sponsor), Cat Cappuccio, Aria Evans and Bob Mikelboro. They were not afraid to go above and beyond and get down on the ground at dog eye level or jump over hurdles to build our library of love.

Our sound production staff: Jason Hopfner, Matthew Tynan, and Mike Filippov. Mike also did a fantastic job of sound design, editing and mixing.


Thanks also goes out to our wonderful narrator Steven Mittler (through and Glenn Barna of Animated Audio where we recorded the narration.

Then of course – the amazing Kurt Swinghammer who wrote, produced and performed incredible original music for the film including the song “My Dog” which will soon be available on iTunes. Watch the music video here.

We are very grateful to Valerie Hutton of Firefly Books who provided the first introduction to the wonderful books of on-air authority, Dr. Bruce Fogle. And huge thanks to Dr. Fogle – respected author, vet, and Board Member of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – such an articulate, delightful man. And of course thanks to the team that filmed him from BluePrint TV including Hugo and cameraman Bjorn Ventris. Adam Park, you were a life-saver.


We would have been lost without our researchers, production assistants and volunteers: Pia, Filipe, Ruben, Angela, Marco, Tracy, Emma, Sophie and Sarah.

Some of our other fantastic interview subjects and those appearing in the documentary with their beautiful dogs must also be thanked: the insightful Geoffrey Roche of Dogbook, Karen Sandford ofDogs Dogs Dogs, Scott McQueen (Historian, North Paws Film), Dennis Ritchie of the York Retriever Field Trial Club, Police Constable Todd Garbutt and Police Constable Adam Landry with Toronto Police Services, Scott A. Martin (Ecologist, Wild Canada), Bill Hird- Narcotic Detection Dog Trainer, Pawsitive K9 Training, Dr. Jonathan Mitelman (VETS Toronto), Cassandra Hartman – Trainer,Cassandra’s Canines, Fran Hurcomb (Photographer, North Paws Film), Ian Ashworth- Program Director, Lions Foundation Of Canada/Dog Guides Canada, Natalie Moncur-Communications Manager, Lions Foundation Of Canada/ Dog Guides Canada, Beverley Berger, Jim Lawrie, Danielle Forbes (Executive Director, National Service Dogs), Katrina Carefoot & Family, Ashley, Robert, Melissa Millett (Trainer, In Dogs We Trust), Alana (Producer, Dexter’s Ruff Life), Gemini K9 Obedience Inc., and Tanya Trinchini (Spokesperson, Bullwrinkles Dog Treats) and many more.


A special thank you to all the trainers and location/media sponsors – without their support Talent Hounds would not have been possible: Gillian Ridgeway and staff from Who’s Walking Who, Lucinda Glenny and Staff from Canine Campus, Heather McLeod from RUFF SPORT, Danielle Levangie and staff from the Red Barn Event Centre, Renee DeVilliers and staff from All about Dogs, Cheryl Orletsky and staff from Holiday Pet Care, the staff at PawsWay Toronto, and Tom and Karen Sandford from Dogs Dogs Dogs.

Dog Trainer Gillian Ridgeway

The amazing Talent Hounds community who provided over 300 auditions and submissions of your talented hounds! You are all superstars!

Special mentions – Sara Carson, Lindsey, Marcy, Melissa,  Alana, Chris, Heather and Emma for providing additional footage.

Also Don Duchene and team at Nexus Media, who licensed us wonderful footage of Fran and Scott from the North Paws Film, also airing on The Pet Network. Well worth watching this inspirational story of saving dogs in the far north of Canada.And Barbara Kelly, Billie Mclean, Bullwrinkles Dog TreatsCCRTLions Foundation Of Canada/ Dog Guides of Canada & StaffNational Service Dogs & StaffNew Zealand SPCAReparapetSpots-Light.comSuper Scoopy

I also really appreciated the support of my brilliant friends and creative consultants Jeff Butler, Joanne Eidinger and Melanie Tanz who helped with casting, creative insights and feedback.

Trevor from The Media Concierge provided fast and accurate Closed Captioning.

Art Director Karen Marren of Karen Marren Design gave us a beautiful brand and logo to work with, and sponsored some of the stock images in the documentary.

Talent Hounds Buster Rocking his Vest

Rob Keenan of Traction Media – a strategic and tech genius- built the site and continues to provide excellent guidance and expertise. As well as long time collaborator Mike Tucker who diligently and patiently supports us and the site.

Judi Heron from CG & B Group as always, provided a great deal on insurance.

Bookkeeper Audrey Quinn has kept us on track under challenging circumstances.

My amazing legal counsel Mary Barroll, who not only provided an incredibly cute pic of her pup, but also provided invaluable sage advice and negotiated difficult contracts.

A big thanks to the CMFThe Bell Fund, my local TD Bank and the CMPA Transmedia Production Acceleration Program.

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Talent Hounds Wows at All About Pets Show before World Premiere

Featured story

What a fantastic weekend we had at the All About Pets Show, leading up to the Premiere of Talent Hounds on Monday night April 1st, 2013! The Pet Network was a media sponsor and the booth looked amazing with beautiful new signage, flat screen TVs and of course a spinning prize wheel and grand prize draw. We got to hang out with the Pet Network programming and marketing teams, as well as lovely host Laura and the producers from Fido & Wine.
We debuted the Talent Hounds film trailer and had a blast giving away tons of Pet Network prizes, our very own Talent Hound tees and colouring sets, as well as prizes from our friends. Spots-Light provided collars, harnesses and leashes that make pet safety simple! Super Scoopy: Pet Clean-Up bags provided us with a massive box of eco-friendly bags (that came in very handy for dogs passing by) and cute reusable pouches for dogs on the go.  Some lucky individuals even walked away with books byDr. Bruce Fogle, veterinarian and dog expert and star of the Talent Hounds Documentary!

Karin Lefler was thrilled to win our grand prize draw of a 32” flat screen TV which was dropped off yesterday- woohoo!

Many of our Talent Hounds friends came out to support us, catch a glimpse of their dog in the trailer, participate in events and enjoy the spectacles of the show! A big shout out and warm thank you to all._MG_1070

Adorable rescue success story and TV star Linzy (picture above) and mom Reta were on hand to wow the crowd with charm, tricks and fun fashions. Seeing-impaired Arthur (below on stage) and wheel-chair superstar Heidi had no trouble drawing in a crowd with their amazing stories of perseverance. Mom Margaret, of Helping Homeless Pets, was on hand to answer any questions. Dexter, Peppermint and Alana of Dexter’s Rufflife also stopped by to hang out at the booth and strut their stuff in a fashion show.  We also had a great visit from talented, well-groomed TV star poodle Daniel and his lovely mom.


We’d like to say thanks to everyone for stopping by including Marcy & family (Mom of the very talentedSweetie and Lulu), Jo Anne & family (Mom of talented and beautiful Piper Cub), friends from Gemini K9and Toronto Police Services, Renee DeVilliers from All About Dogs, Mary (Mom of the adorableTwizzler), camera woman Cat Cuppuccio and photographer Trish Aleve of Pawsome Pet Photography(Mom of Buster, Harley and adorable foster Hollywood), Gillian Ridgeway from Who’s Walking Whoand her adorable puppy, Heather McLean from RUFF SPORT and her Fast and Furry team of fabulous dogs and people (sponsored by our friends at Bullwrinkles), Danielle LeVangie from the Red Barn Event Centre, Kate of  Dog-Ma Rescue (Mom of Big AlLittle Alex and Buddy), Marni with Great DanesDolce and Divo (who’s really grown since we saw him last),  Melissa from In Dogs We Trust with Bellaand Sophia and many more!

So many great new people stopped by the booth as well, not only to spin the wheel for some free swag from Pet Network, Talent Hounds, Super Scoopy Bags, Spots-light and more, but also to share stories and photos of their wonderful dogs. We all shared one thing in common, our love for dogs.


We are constantly looking to include more much loved Talent Hounds on We can’t wait to see all the new submissions to the site!

Be on the alert as we post some great coverage and interviews from the All About Pets show via our “Roving Rover” reporters over the next few weeks! We will be doing a Rescue Round Up and a download on the amazing experts we met like Dr Stanley Coren and others.

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